Aquarius and Cancer compatibility



Aquarius woman sociable and lively interest in people. Therefore, the first phase relationship she won Cancer attention to him and his interest in the business. It is serious about his reasoning, to respect his feelings, to do justice to the depth of his character. All this is very nice Raku, and it will be considered as a possible Aquarius companion.

But when he tries to command the convergence Aquarius and try to instill in her the outlooks on life. This will be his big mistake. Aquarius woman sympathetic to people with a variety of principles and way of life, but does not allow to put pressure on myself and not take over from others their attitude towards life. So the best period in relations with a male Cancer can undoubtedly be considered the initial stage of the relationship.

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Another thing, if a married man interested in Aquarius-Cancer. He already has someone to bring up. He is conservative and the patriarch in the family, and the novel on the side waiting for freedom and lightness. Here, freedom-loving and unobtrusive woman Aquarius will be the one who is ideal to him.

There is a third version of the Union, and that it has the potential to become a long and happy. And Cancer and Aquarius are not alien to the spiritual life, esoteric, philosophical view of the world. They may be adherents of a mystical or philosophical trend. This couple realizes that their differences in everyday life - payment for that on the spiritual plane, they complement each other and help each other to see new facets of truth.

If you met the happy couple male and female Cancer Aquarius, you can be sure - they are united by something more than a habit, psychological compatibility, or even feelings. Surely there is some idea that links these different people. Perhaps a family of educators and innovators, psychologists, spirituality, vegetarians, fishing enthusiasts. In a word, they may be interested in anything as long as it was an area in which there is a deep, philosophical meaning. Without the involvement of the Great Idea unions Cancer and Aquarius are short-lived.