Aquarius and Gemini compatibility



Twins - intellectual sign, Aquarius and easiest way to find a way to his heart through the mind. Aquarius woman is easy to support the conversation, appreciate the humor, it's not boring. But its main advantage - it is itself a generator of new information. Aquarius is able to see the world from an unusual angle, make unexpected findings. Twins deal with already existing information, and Aquarius will hit their ingenuity, unusual thinking and the ability to get information not only from the present, but also from the future.

The second way to win a Gemini - the appearance of a female Aquarius. Gemini partial to female beauty, with most of them prefer chilly, regal, non-sexual beauty. Aquarius - one of the signs, which are famous for women this type of beauty. They have a zest, charm, warmth, and at the same time a certain distance. This is a woman of mystery. Gemini will not remain indifferent to it.

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A commitment to freedom of Aquarius will make even windy Twins hasten the marriage, to keep the woman beside him.

In a typical pair of Aquarius and Gemini partners often rest separately. Gemini constantly need new information, and he's looking for her. And Aquarius can find unusual in the usual, and her hobby may well be within its housing. But here's the perfect pair of main feature - a community of interests. And since both mobile and curious, often both of them can be found anywhere, but not in his own house. They feel good on tours, seminars, trainings, in campaigns and routine walks through the city. I am pleased to go for a visit.

Aquarius woman, meeting your ideal Gemini is the best friend and most understanding of a loved one. He would never say about something that is not for women, points to what should be engaged and interested in a woman. To her progressive ideas will carefully treat with interest. In this pair may be difficulties with money. They both can not "acquire good", but never upset because of this.

If a couple have children, they are brought up in a spirit of friendship with the parents, great emphasis is placed on new methods of education, it is important for parents intellectual development of the child.