Aquarius and taurus Compatibility



Taurus man looking for a woman who will give him stability and at the same time will not give bored. After all, he is a man, and then, the conqueror. But he Taurus, and therefore likes consistency. And who can embody both of these qualities in yourself better than a woman Aquarius, which combines the features of a fixed (constant) cross and light mobile element of air? Therefore, initially in Taurus will be craving for it on a subconscious level, he himself can not understand what the long haul loved a woman-Aquarius.

The biggest challenge - to make love with Taurus move from one stage to another relationship. He can get carried away by their feelings and so to get used to the fact that in his life there so that's an inexplicable craving for Aquarius, which simply forget to take the next step - to offer relationship. Yes, the man-years Taurus can love Aquarius and not tell her about his feelings! Therefore, a woman should take the development of relations in their hands.

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Pressure and pressure on the Taurus to no good result. He is afraid to change your life. But the ease of Aquarius, its contact and an abundance of friends - it's a good opportunity to hint Taurus that he risks losing his chance. These changes scare him much more than a change in the form of start relationships. After all, he had already mentally with Aquarius and can not abandon it. Therefore it is necessary to offer the most Taurus relationship, but at the same time make it clear that you will not insist.

The basis of relations in this pair - mutual respect. Taurus and Aquarius realize that in many ways different from one another, and to preserve the union helps them gentle, reverent attitude to the partner and some distance, they hold together even after long years of joint. This is reflected in the underlined courtesy emphasis on the fact that each of them has the right to personal time, part of the conversation, discussions of abstract topics. This "brought up" a couple of Aquarius and Taurus represent before the first blow of fate. They do not play, and really believe that only non-infringement of personal space each other saves them from breaking off relations. At this stage the couple is perceived by others as extremely pleasant and relaxed. Parallel paired growing material wealth.