Aquarius and Aries compatibility



The woman-Aquarius has a lot of money for the conquest and subjugation of Aries. The first place is their character. Friendly, available, ready to help women Aquarius Aries undeniably cute. In Aquarius is no guile, hypocrisy, secrecy - that so unpleasant male Aries. They easily conquer nature and at the same time hardness of their moral principles.

In addition, Aries by nature - hunters, and therefore freedom-loving woman of this sign will be for them a worthy goal. And when you consider that a female Aquarius does not play, does not pretend elusive, defiant prey, and at its core is a free man, avoidant imposed obligations, the hunt for her is a favorite pastime of Aries for years. He never bored with his woman-Aquarius.

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And, of course, a good help in the seduction of Aries women become sexual attractiveness. Aries and Aquarius are very harmonious in the energy plan, and on the physical level, it will appear as an external and sex appeal to women of Aquarius male Aries. Friendliness, sincerity, freedom, sexual allure - that's a weapon that will help get the heart of Aries.

In his youth, a perfect match Aries and Aquarius - a mobile, active, sociable people. Aquarius likes to gather around him friends and Aries becomes happy in the company in the first place and can show itself in all its glory. Both of them are not afraid of difficulties and achieve much. Leisure spend together, like active rest.

Over the years, Aries "matures", it is more pronounced in self-centeredness and authoritarianism. At the same age in female Aquarius wakes up one of their best features (not typical Aquarius male) - sacrifice and desire to live for a loved one. From this moment the pair becomes far less popular. Not everyone liked and head of Aries, and cooing around him female Aquarius. But inside a pair of still reigns idyll and partners are extremely pleased with each other.