Aquarius and Pisces compatibility



Male Pisces dreamer and visionary. It is bad from what the real world needs attention, breaks into his dreams, destroys them. He will appreciate a woman who supports his imagination and inspires creativity. Aquarius is not commercialism, will not call on Fish "live like everyone else," she understands his spiritual aspirations. For the man-fish it - the muse. In addition, it is activity, is prepared to support, can take on communication with the outside world, allowing Pisces to dwell in his fantasies. She does not criticize, do not descend from heaven to earth, romantic, kind and patient. All these features - a reliable means to win Pisces.

Can not be discounted and visual appeal. Pisces men love only agree fantastic fairy. Aquarius woman endowed with subtle charm and appeal that really have little to do with the efforts of stylists and fashion designers. Pisces seems that it came from another world - this unusual and charming.

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Аquarius and Аquarius compatibility



Aquarius man to think progressively, but believes that in addition to the material world, there are other, equally important and affecting moments of our lives. Therefore, it is sensitive to the messages of destiny. In this message he thinks the birth of his chosen one by one with him zodiac signs. For him, this could be an indication that this woman, and he meant to be. So that the parties wish to seduce women - the very circumstances.
Aquarius male in personal relationships and selfish love when cared about him. It should be full of energy to convert the revolutionary world (or at least to help friends), and companion he will choose the one that will take care of well-being, domestic and psychological comfort of Aquarius, and will not burden him with their problems. Aquarius woman really does not like anyone to burden their difficulties, and in love with her in a state of waking sacrifice and the need to care for a partner.
And only a third of all male Aquarius will notice a striking similarity and unanimity of opinion with his woman. This will be the last argument, after which he did not want to lose it.

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Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility



The easiest way to deal with mature and held Capricorn. He knows only a career and responsibilities, is firmly committed to the purposes and does not like competition. He will be pleased to see a number of selfless woman who will neither rival in or manipulator in the family. For this he closed his eyes at her eccentricity, especially if Aquarius pretty. Weapons for the conquest of the Capricorn - kindness, reliability, absence of greed and commercialism, the external data.

If Capricorn young and started the first steps towards your life goals, he likes the extraordinary kindness of Aquarius, always ready to comfort and cheer. Discovery will be and it is not bound template view of the world, Capricorn will make for himself from her many useful observations. He is unlikely to be romantic and will be taken as the Aquarian older sister or girlfriend combat. This is not fair. Capricorn is constant in his affections and the imminent parting the pair is not threatened, but with age, he learns to be a gallant man.

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Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarius man is always open to the new and is in constant search of curiosities. The unusual appearance extravagant women of Aquarius and its original character interested in it, and the more Sagittarius will learn it, the more it opens the merits and perfections. Aquarius woman patient in an almost childish antics Sagittarius, inquisitive, quick on your feet. He first met the woman who does not seek as soon as possible to tighten the perspective of Sagittarius to the registrar. She is quite happy with an open relationship based on mutual trust.

Many things Sagittarius and Aquarius look different, but the very fact that they generally look and noticed the same thing, and do not look in different directions, it will be very important for Sagittarius. At heart, most frivolous lover beautiful life Sagittarius - a teacher, a preacher, a missionary. He would like to meet a woman for whom spiritual values more important than material (although the wealth of Sagittarius refuses rare).






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Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility



There are two ways that a man interested in Scorpio-Aquarius. First - if he falls in love. Second - when he from it something you need.

In the first embodiment in love with Scorpio does not lose his head and realizes that they are very different with Aquarius. But, as a subtle psychologist and a manipulator, he is willing to be responsible for the development of relations. Scorpio is constant in love and do not let his beloved, not grow cold to her, will not be indifferent to the way things are going in the pair. This - ideal for Aquarius. To Scorpio in love, in Aquarius should be a lot of femininity and sexuality. Aquarius woman on the nature of romantic and feminine, but strong sexual aura they do not possess. They need to deliberately create his image seductress.

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Aquarius and Libra compatibility



Aquarius attracts a male Libra ease nature, curiosity, sociability. He does not like nerds, I do not fixate on one issue for a long time, and he would like to find your soul mate. Out of Aquarius woman and acrimony that repels men air sign. Aquarius is not hysterical, not capricious, not sulking days because of trifles. And add to this the charm of it - and man-Libra, indifferent to beauty, will be slain on the spot.
This is one of those couples that do not need to do anything special to interest and like it. Their union Naturally, they were made for each other. But there are situations when looking for ways to conquest still necessary. For example, if Aquarius love a man whose heart is already taken. Or man survived a painful gap and are not interested in a relationship. What should I bet in the seduction of Libra?

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Aquarius and Virgo compatibility



By man-Virgo can find a lot of approaches. Woman sign of Aquarius is easiest to work through his intellect. Virgo likes to discuss, analyze, draw conclusions. Aquarius - a storehouse of stories and situations that can not be solved by the pattern. Man will have something to smash his head.

Forte Union Virgo and Aquarius is their sexual compatibility. Virgin do not like aggressive-sexual women, romance and friendly Aquarius will have their liking. In addition, neither Virgo, Aquarius or not put sex to the first place in the system of values, so over the years in tandem set reasonable intimate life that suits them both.

And what can not be done in the course of the conquest of the Virgin? Virgo likes to take care of him at home. Aquarius woman can not do that. I would like to write that word in capital letters. NOT. Representation of women Aquarius about life more closely resemble the Virgin catastrophe. Does not happen at his home - he will be watching closely, are you willing to help around the house and how you are hosting. Invite him to visit itself, it still does not understand what's inside your life, or meet on neutral territory.

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Aquarius and Leo compatibility



Male lion pride, love shine and wants to see next to a most beautiful woman in the world. If Aquarius will be able to find a balance between extravagance and social convention, it becomes is charming: elegant, unusual, with the "highlight". She needs to focus on appearance: charisma, which she endowed by nature, will not save from failure in the eyes of Leo, if he will accept it as a freak. But it accessible style woman with charm will attract his attention.

Some traits of Aquarius woman will also be cute lion. This is her kindness and sincerity. Leo himself generous, does not tolerate pettiness, noble, and will not accept a number of selfish and malevolent woman. At Aquarius generous soul, is a big plus. Not bad, if Aquarius send keenly interested in the ability of people to Leo - he is not indifferent to the attention of others.

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Aquarius and Cancer compatibility



Aquarius woman sociable and lively interest in people. Therefore, the first phase relationship she won Cancer attention to him and his interest in the business. It is serious about his reasoning, to respect his feelings, to do justice to the depth of his character. All this is very nice Raku, and it will be considered as a possible Aquarius companion.

But when he tries to command the convergence Aquarius and try to instill in her the outlooks on life. This will be his big mistake. Aquarius woman sympathetic to people with a variety of principles and way of life, but does not allow to put pressure on myself and not take over from others their attitude towards life. So the best period in relations with a male Cancer can undoubtedly be considered the initial stage of the relationship.

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Aquarius and Gemini compatibility



Twins - intellectual sign, Aquarius and easiest way to find a way to his heart through the mind. Aquarius woman is easy to support the conversation, appreciate the humor, it's not boring. But its main advantage - it is itself a generator of new information. Aquarius is able to see the world from an unusual angle, make unexpected findings. Twins deal with already existing information, and Aquarius will hit their ingenuity, unusual thinking and the ability to get information not only from the present, but also from the future.

The second way to win a Gemini - the appearance of a female Aquarius. Gemini partial to female beauty, with most of them prefer chilly, regal, non-sexual beauty. Aquarius - one of the signs, which are famous for women this type of beauty. They have a zest, charm, warmth, and at the same time a certain distance. This is a woman of mystery. Gemini will not remain indifferent to it.

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Aquarius and taurus Compatibility



Taurus man looking for a woman who will give him stability and at the same time will not give bored. After all, he is a man, and then, the conqueror. But he Taurus, and therefore likes consistency. And who can embody both of these qualities in yourself better than a woman Aquarius, which combines the features of a fixed (constant) cross and light mobile element of air? Therefore, initially in Taurus will be craving for it on a subconscious level, he himself can not understand what the long haul loved a woman-Aquarius.

The biggest challenge - to make love with Taurus move from one stage to another relationship. He can get carried away by their feelings and so to get used to the fact that in his life there so that's an inexplicable craving for Aquarius, which simply forget to take the next step - to offer relationship. Yes, the man-years Taurus can love Aquarius and not tell her about his feelings! Therefore, a woman should take the development of relations in their hands.

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Aquarius and Aries compatibility



The woman-Aquarius has a lot of money for the conquest and subjugation of Aries. The first place is their character. Friendly, available, ready to help women Aquarius Aries undeniably cute. In Aquarius is no guile, hypocrisy, secrecy - that so unpleasant male Aries. They easily conquer nature and at the same time hardness of their moral principles.

In addition, Aries by nature - hunters, and therefore freedom-loving woman of this sign will be for them a worthy goal. And when you consider that a female Aquarius does not play, does not pretend elusive, defiant prey, and at its core is a free man, avoidant imposed obligations, the hunt for her is a favorite pastime of Aries for years. He never bored with his woman-Aquarius.

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