Zodiac Birthday April 22 horoscope



What zodiac sign born on April 22?
Born April 22 Taurus business, realists and careerists. They did not stop, move toward its goal, because it is very well aware of what is expected from life. These people are practical and consider the earth as a daily basic scope of application of their forces. But Taurus would not be Taurus, if not appreciate the beauty of art, music, nature. This is not only workers and artisans, but also artists. As befits a Taurus born April 22 - rather conservative and not innovators. This is true and reliable people who do not change their principles and constantly looks.
Diseases born April 22
A calf is usually the most vulnerable point of the body is the throat, and born on April 22 was no exception. In this case, nature has given these people a nice mesmerizing voice. Often they are addicted to singing or speaking skills. They can even be done in one of these two areas of career, but they need to understand that the vocal cords should be protected, not to catch a cold, but if you still picked up SARS, immediately treated.
Born April 22 appreciate physical contact, it is perfectly relaxes them and let go of worries and stress. Therefore, massage and regular sex have importance for them. Parts of the calf, including born April 22 - excellent cooks who love experimenting and improvisation in cooking. They run the risk of overweight, so it shows the physical load, but not too intense.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Jobs and careers of those born April 22,
Born April 22 - excellent administrators, organizers, coordinators. This is their vocation, and they are able to organize and take care of now any level and scale. Despite this fact, these people are not so much socially active elements, and lone hermit. Rarely do they immediately attract the attention of showiness image, often a modest and not visible people.
However, this is an excellent workers capable of performing very large volumes of work without getting tired. In the end, anyone born April 22 showcase itself as the organizer and coordinator. It may not work in an administrative position, but then realizes this tendency at home, with friends or family.
Also, these people can be very successful in business. Sometimes their activity even envy and disapproval because bosses that, in turn, can cause depression and strong emotions among those born on April 22. But with colleagues and subordinates, these people are always great find common ground, since they are quite responsive, humane, but at the same time, not lazy.
Advice for those born April 22,
The aura of these people feel very much, even if it is a fragile little girl. In front of them all is somehow safer, easier to work with, and if success comes by itself. The most advanced among those born April 22 people are usually modest, the least educated are overly ambitious and can show perfidy. They can not always be trusted.
Therefore, all born on April 22 have to watch not to trample his innate nobility and honor, even if at some point they are very angry, made meanness and want to respond in kind. They need to learn to control his emotions and impulses of the first to make decisions already cooled down, calmly think. Another Dangers born on April 22 - the attraction of money and wealth. In this case, it is useful to once again cautioned against immoral behavior in the pursuit of money.
In any case, in any area of life is necessary from time to time to assess the results and think about the future: Do not change the course has not changed the fact that there is a radically? Born April 22 it is very difficult to change something in the already-established and functioning sphere, even if there is a need for change for a long time.
In this case, they need to listen to the voice of your intuition. In any case, you can not forget about the highest spiritual ideals. Whatever life you lead no matter what any money earned, do not let his soul sleep and remember the eternal.