April  21  horoscope



On this day are born very eloquent and friendly Taurus, endowed with a remarkable gift to explain. They are perfectly able to share their own experiences or to transfer their knowledge, though born speakers. However, the gossip of these people also obtained notable, for which, however, can not praise them already.
Diseases born April 21
In terms of health are two major threats to born on April 21 - a hypochondriac if they too take care of yourself, and laziness, reluctance to move, which is why those born on this day are very few people involved in sports. But thanks to its fine mental organization, they can quite easily relax with bath oils, massage, manual therapy.
Underbelly organism born on this day people - throat. They can pick up as a chronic sore throat, and face the disease of the thyroid gland. In general, these people generally are prone to the accumulation of chronic diseases. Typically, born April 21 love and know how to cook and tend to a variety of delicious food. Coupled with their laziness teltsovoy this situation threatens to obesity, so regular exercise are important.
You can recall the love of Taurus to work with the land and replace the spring and autumn sport works on the plot.

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Jobs and careers of those born on April 21
More than anything, born April 21 respected professionals in their field and integrity, harmony of nature. They themselves are, as a rule, those are. They subtly perceive the beautiful, attentive to the latest trends, often mods. Privacy are extremely rich, often changing their husbands or wives. This is due to the sensitive nature of these people, they too appreciate the pleasures that can bring comfort, relaxation, expensive food, sex.
They appreciate all pleasant and beautiful, these aesthetes-hedonists. Women born on April 21 often become involved in their careers only forty years. Before they are busy family and comprehension of themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. But even in forty years, when it would seem, too late to think about a career, they are very eager pitch in and work, rolling up his sleeves.
Born April 21 always feel hypertrophied craving for love. This is the second reason for their frequent changes in marriage. It is important to constantly feel loved and to give love to someone outside. Girls born on April 21 real coquette playing male feelings, but they have the gift to forgive and forget the sins of others. Men born on April 21 is usually too high opinion of himself and is very reluctant to accept help from other people.
Born April 21 very value their reputation, but for wealth is not being chased. The government generally does not press on them, so they are extremely comfortable feel aristocrats. But these people are very vulnerable at work. If the boss does not mark their success if colleagues do not appreciate their work, these people can fall into a real depression. There can only help their remarkable natural health. In private life, they often require too much from others, but show generosity and magnanimity.
Tips for those born on April 21
Style of work these people have a kind: they often do things to the last moment, one fell swoop. Appreciate rest and relaxation, so it is better not to call in the morning on weekends. Generally dream for them - something sacred. Despite this, they are responsible people and even tightened the timing, the last day will certainly do everything that is required of them, and no one will not disappoint.
As for the life challenges faced by people born on April 21, they need to give their children more independence, less to take care of them, let them make their own mistakes and to live as like for them.