Zodiac Birthday April 20 horoscope



What zodiac sign born on April 20?
April 20 - the first day of the zodiac sign Taurus. On this day are born first-class artisans in any field: musicians, actors and artists. They evaluate their creativity from the perspective of not only aesthetic, but also from the standpoint of practical use. These people seem to be conservative, but he is no stranger to shred and innovation, without which it is impossible to work.
They are smart, have developed imagination and curiosity to all the mysteries of existence, but do not take it on faith without evidence. Faith born April 20 people require proof, not ideas.
Diseases born April 20
Born April 20 prone to stress because of contradictions more earthy, teltsovoy and fiery, rams, parts of his nature. Those who are able to find the fine line between these two such different signs of the zodiac, in terms of health has nothing to fear. As for diet, the born April 20 certainly need to limit your intake of sugar. Also, do not indulge in the passion for acute and unusual food.
Will be useful potatoes, turnips, carrots, beets, which seemed to carry a charge the earth element. Help get rid of aggression hot bath with mineral salts and oils, massage, yoga, aromatherapy.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Jobs and careers of those born on April 20
Born April 20 try to take a leadership role in the team. They invariably and inevitably move to the top of the career. And they tend to have vested interests, so do not settle down, reaching success, and begin to pull the family, relatives, friends, colleagues, finally, their social group. But this does not affect their self-sufficiency and subtlety of mental organization.
They often indulge in dreams, which, by the way, it can help them in their professional field. Their delicate sensitivity bordering on nervousness is the foundation of their charm and charisma. This sensitivity but it would be nice to learn to control because of its possible conflicts with loved ones and nervous breakdowns.
Born April 20 has always inspired the fundamental, global ideas, even if they work in a very narrow band.
Born April 20 often paradoxically always seek peace and quiet life, but rather looking for obstacles and opposition, if they find that they are not designed for rest and only struggle is the essence of life. They are in some degree of moral rest in the midst of storms and verbal turmoil. But the matter is fragile balance at any time can be broken, so born April 20 Taurus need to be monitored closely to ensure that this state of affairs is not exhausting them.
Tips for those born on April 20
Between logical and clear plan and a gust of intuition born April 20 always choose intuition. However, they appreciate good food, wealth and comfort, that is of the earth, practical value. Therefore, born April 20 need to ensure that the gap between their earthly and spiritual sphere does not become too large. If they do not receive earthly blessings, that they need, they will be unhappy.
But if they are completely closed themselves in the earth, and no longer live global ideas, stop dreaming and straying away - they will also be unhappy. These people need to find a middle ground and take care of the balance of the imagination and earthly realities. Therefore, born April 20 Taurus need to learn as much as possible to objectively evaluate yourself and your life, self-control and flexibility in situations of choice.