April  11  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on April 11?
April 11 are born quite sensitive and subtle Aries is not devoid of the traditional traits of Aries: self-confidence, activity, readiness to struggles and battles. Somewhere deep down, people born on April 11, more romance and dreamers than workers.
They are valid, idealistic, not greedy, full of sympathy for the oppressed and marginalized, so eagerly defend their ideals in the field of social work and public service. These people are usually creative development, they have a good imagination, a lot of original ideas.
Diseases born April 11
Paramount importance in maintaining peace for these people play a long regular sleep. They also can not forget about the regular weekend and holiday - rest is very important for those born on April 11. They even work necessary to select one that allows for occasional relaxation and leisure, free time. Born April 11 should keep yourself in good shape with the help of daily exercise, adjusted intimate life, full three meals a day (in the absence of obesity, of course).

Zodiac sign characteristics


Jobs and careers of those born April 11,
Born April 11 maloambitsiozny, differ from most other rams. They do not care attention and confirmation of their popularity and fame. They prefer to work in a team, however, are most often the leader of the team. To the glory they did not seek. The main inspiration for these people - it is ideas, not popularity and fame.
Born April 11 is often neglected create profitable and vibrant personal image. The really important to them is the ability to clearly communicate their ideas to the public. They are incorruptible flattery or oratory, as the main focus and pay to the expressed ideas on content rather than form. They are determined to be frank and straightforward, that does not mean, however, that they can not be diplomats.
On the contrary, these people are very thin feel the mood and character of other people see them through, so very often they are intermediaries or peacekeepers in conflict situations. They are determined to see first of all what unites people rather than what divides them, so are able to reconcile even the most ardent antagonists. Insight, attention and delicacy peculiar born April 11, despite the fact that they themselves tend to straightforwardness and honesty. What is their weakness, it's that all their talents and knowledge of psychology, they are quite capable of using efficiently in their personal lives. Generally, these people often neglect the needs and desires of loved ones, showing himself callous and indifferent people. But - as far as they are callous in his personal life, just as attentive and open to people in public.
Advice for those born April 11,
Very often born April 11 spend so much effort in the field of their service to the public that a family has nothing left, even if they wish to help loved ones and allow some problems. Most often it causes scandal in the family. As professionals, born April 11 have the best chance to realize itself on administrator positions (CEOs) and social work (working with people and their needs).
The main stumbling block for the careers of these people - it's their self-confidence and lack of attention to criticism from the outside. Often, they gradually come to the view that that alone knows how to live the people and how to make life better. Decide for others - the most thankless job. Therefore, these people need critical of myself, to relate their work to the requirements of society and not be afraid to change something in your program, if circumstances so require.
You should be more afraid freeze in rigidity than once to change the accepted ideals. Ideals of society is gradually changing, live up to the present. The main condition for the success of your activities on the public arena - a flexible approach.