Born  from August 1 to August 23  is the sign of  Leo.

A person born under the zodiac sign of Leo, perfectly able to apply themselves and loves to be the center of attention. The easiest way to find Leo at a party or at social events - it is easy to learn to shine in the eyes of a confident and friendly, even lazy gait.

Home, alone with himself, Leo nobody to show its full regal luster and shine, but because he prefers to spend more time as humans. Looking for a person born under this zodiac sign noble, it seems surprising how much of it from the real Leo: He is proud, stately and well-groomed, and his manners are impeccable. However, on others he looks a little down, but such is his regal nature.

Zodiac sign characteristics


It's hard to say that Lions consider themselves better or higher than others, but the fact that they feel more knowledgeable and experienced - a certainty. Leo is convinced that he knows how to act in a given situation, and it's easy to read in its moralizing tone and condescending smile. Others may even annoy Leo love to teach, always and everywhere, whether to work or personal life. Leo himself considers this his interference was justified, because he genuinely wants to help! In addition, Leo is able to not only teach, but also to provide generous patronage, including financial aid, to which the surrounding, as a rule, do not mind.

In general, communication, people - this native element expansive Leo, which is connected with a large part of his life. Maybe that's why it is very indifferent to the opinions of others about themselves and has a very sensitive self-esteem. Even fair criticism of him the ability to bring him out of himself and cause serious offense, but a simple recognition of merit, duty, and even compliment slaver - inspire.

However, everything else that does not apply to their person, the Lions are objective and very smart. In cases they possess remarkable acumen and organizational skills, which makes them good workers and excellent managers.

In everything that he did not take his regal lion shows maximalism. Work as work, have fun - so heartily welcome guests - so with the luxury and glamor. The golden mean - not for Leo, he is in friendship or in work or in love, wants to see action. It is therefore better to have a maximalist Leo in his friends than foes: in his righteous anger to stop him is no less difficult than in the expression of sympathy.

Born  from  August  24  to August 31 is the sign of Virgo.