Born  from July 1 to July 23  is the sign of  Cancer.

Cancer - the most cautious of all the zodiac signs. The easiest way to distinguish cancer from others, watching as he goes to his goal. The fact that perseverance in his nature combined with caution, because of what cancer is not inclined to retreat, but does not go through. His tactics - ponder, weigh the "pros" and "cons" and wait, choosing a good time. But when that moment comes, cancer is unlikely to miss the chance.

Those born under this zodiac constellation no inherent spontaneous, ill-considered decisions, which is why cancer incidence rarely end in failure. And in this lies the secret of his behavior: It is not so much in love Cancer win, but in those painful experiences that cause him to failure. Being a very sensitive nature, Cancer sensitive about any failure. At such moments he dropped his hands, and he will not soon finds the strength to move on forward. That is why cancer is always so thoughtful and cautious, new failures are not necessary.

Zodiac sign characteristics


On the other hand, if we Cancer achieved something, that until recently did not let go at great cost. This applies to all areas of his life - and friendship, and love, and work, and money. This quality allows it to retain and grow, allowing to accumulate throughout life, not only spiritual wealth, but also a lot of wealth. Generally financially Cancer is very thrifty and even stingy, however, he sees this as his only practicality and foresight.

Sensitivity and emotionality of Cancer makes him an attentive companion and understand others, and is usually found many willing to trust him with his secret, or complain to the vest. However, the true feelings and thoughts of cancer known to him alone. Such a habit of Cancer keep everything in itself leads to the fact that he was already able to reach deep emotions of great power, and affecting his business, and his well-being. From the cares and worries cancer may be laid up in bed, while the good news in the two accounts will raise him to his feet.

Element Cancer - Water depth that hides many secrets. His planet - romantic moon gives him changeable mood and reverie.

Born  from  June  22  to June 30 is the sign of Leo.