Born  from June 1 to June 21  is the sign of  Gemini.

"One foot here another there" - an expression as if specially created for the restless Gemini, who want to learn so much about life and that is why it can not sit still. Communicating with those born under the sign of the zodiac, you can forget for a while about what can and can not, in general, day or night, - The Twins do not accept the restrictions and conditions, however, not expecting such senseless victims from you.

That is why, if you had waited his new friend the whole evening at the appointed place, and call him know that he has suddenly appeared in another city urgent matters, you can be sure that this zodiac sign your friend - Gemini. Punctuality - not his strong point, too many things, events and people are able to distract him on the way to you.

Zodiac sign characteristics


He is always late, though always in a hurry. Things that other people passing by do not even pay attention, can suddenly make inquisitive Gemini change their course. But still Gemini has an incredible number of friends and acquaintances (although, unfortunately, a few friends), meeting with them on the road guarantees them something interesting - from news to exchange promising plans for the evening ... It is not surprising that in his impetuous way Twins often even forget why they came out of the house.

Such haste and impatience of Gemini manifests in everything, the same routine frightens them. They run from it like fire and in the stampede can change your life for more than one place of residence and even more jobs. Permanent work for them can be only if it guarantees them travel, meeting new people and generally the ocean experience. Only then Gemini talent is revealed in full, and splashing over the edge energy, sociability and eloquence bring them solid fruit.

Indeed, with regard to the gift of persuasion and the ability to infect people with his enthusiasm Gemini truly has no equal. Before their charm is hard to resist - they are extremely emotional, and their innate eloquence gives them invaluable ability to persuade. With a quick and clear mind, eloquence, agility and erudition Gemini can succeed in many fields, becoming unsurpassed speakers, reporters, politicians, businessmen.

Born  from  June  22  to June 30 is the sign of  Cancer.