Born  from May 1 to April 21  is the sign of  Taurus.

Taurus surprisingly stubborn and strong, but, oddly enough, learn born under this zodiac sign is easiest for his invisibility. Among Taurus will stand apart and is likely to do hasten to leave this noisy bunch of uncomfortable. Only close friends where Taurus guarantee complete comfort - both physical and spiritual - it can hold the whole evening, but then talkative or emotional it can not be called. However, for his frugal phrases and slow movements always felt the solidity and hidden power.

"Slowly but surely" - the motto of hard Taurus, which is reflected in all aspects of his life. If Taurus for something or took something firmly convinced to make him retreat impossible. You can assure hours of Taurus that he is wrong, you can yell at him and even stomp - Taurus remain calm, as always, and will not change his point of view. However, it also happens that he - no, does not doubt his innocence - and still loses his temper. Fortunately, such cases are very rare, because usually calm and steady Taurus in his fierce anger really terrible.

Zodiac sign characteristics


However, obstinacy and intractability of Taurus - just the reverse side of his inhuman perseverance. With the same equanimity and quiet confidence, he will not hurry to go to the goal, no matter what the obstacles. Where another ten times to retreat and break, hard Taurus does not stop until he gets his way.

No wonder that having such penetrative talents in life Taurus used to rely primarily on themselves. In a working environment it tends not to be a leader and not a slave, but in itself, is completely responsible for his area of work.

However, in spite of his ability to endure hardship, and (if necessary) to settle for small ascetic Taurus can not be called. Yes, he's the enemy frills, but two hands for comfort and dignity. And in his concept of "decent life", believe, comes not so little: Taurus appreciates all the fun and convenience, whether it is healthy sleep, joy, love, good food, a nice car or a comfortable apartment in a prestigious area.

Planet Taurus - beautiful Venus - gives him the ability to love, a penchant for the arts and romance, and its earth element gives him the strength to stand on their feet.

Born  from  May 22  to April 31 is the sign of  Gemini.