Born  from April 1 to April 20  is the sign of  Aries.

Aries - a natural leader, and there's nothing you can do. After the first acquaintance with Aries you can literally feel the skin main feature of this zodiac sign - habitual self-confidence and self-righteous. Even when Aries is silent, in his every gesture read internal hardness and rigidity. And if he speaks ... Believe me, argue with Aries - it is not very promising.

Well, the reason is simple: Aries - the first sign of all the zodiacal circle, symbolizing the origin of life, the beginning of all beginnings. That is why all the astrologers of the world inevitably compared with the nature of the nature of Aries newborn baby. In the first place in the universe stands for Aries "I". The whole world on his firm belief that revolves around it and under it must adapt. Not surprisingly, the Aries can simply ignore others' needs and desires, but so kind to her.

Zodiac sign characteristics


As a child want anything immediately notifies the world with its insistent cry, Aries also considers it necessary to express their desires, demanding from others and even from the very Destiny that, in his opinion, rightfully his. His style - do not look for complicated ways, but the easiest to achieve the desired ways. Strangely enough, but such self-confidence often gives off: and the surrounding, and Fate is really going to meet selfish Aries, helping him to achieve his goal.

However, selfishness and even narcissism Aries heavily smoothed his other "child" features. Indeed, it is difficult to be offended by a man who with unflagging interest is able to learn about the world, reckless rush to protect the weak or taken at face value all the words of his companion. Aries sincere and truthful, and always waiting for others to do the same.

Generally in a relationship with Aries can be sure of one of his priceless as he does not hold a grudge and weaves behind you clever intrigue. He is all in front of you, at a glance if it is something you do not like, he told you that with all sincerity. If it comes to conflict, Aries is easy to deduce from itself - get ready for its rapid and sudden outbursts of anger, which, however, go as fast as the May storm.

Born  from  April 20  to April 30 is the sign of  Taurus.