Born from March 1 to March  20  is the sign of Pisces.

Perhaps around the zodiacal circle there is no sign of Pisces mysterious. The depth in which they swim, truly bottomless, and leave little chance of mere mortals they look. Their face may be tranquil and behavior demonstrate daydreaming, indifference and even a certain laziness. Even with good intentions, others are unlikely to bring fish from themselves: no scandals, no charges, no violent scenes are not really able to deprive them of a deep inner peace.

Even life itself, with its eternal problems and bustle unable to make Pisces overcome their blissful balance and rolled up their sleeves and knuckle down to business. On the contrary, they often prefer to rely on fate and, despite the circumstances, continue to go with the flow, feeling in the soul of peace and tranquility.

Zodiac sign characteristics


However, indifferent to everything Pisces can not be called. Just outside events have for them is not too much weight. Yes, they will not consciously strive for a career vertices, fame or money, but if so the benefits of civilization for some reason themselves fell on their heads, fish take them for granted and appreciate the calm.

Much more important is external to the inner world of Pisces, and not just your own. That is why fish so thin feel art: they may be talented (and even brilliant) creators and as no one else can pay tribute to the works of the great masters.
Their delicate, sensitive soul that lurks beneath the serene shell, it is easy to soften and make empathize. They are willing to selflessly help all than just be able to, to the point that others often shamelessly use their compassion, trust and kindness. Soft and pliable, Pisces generally poorly oriented in real life, because of what they can be mass confusion and problems.

With the birth of a lot of talent in fish is not always possible to implement them - daydreaming and lack of incentive prevents them achieve much in life. However, if by virtue of education or circumstances Fish still begin to show the will and character, Fate readily elevates them to the top.

Born  from March 21 to March 31 is the sign of  Aries.