Born from February 1 to February 19 is the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius - a true artist, he is able to not only see the world in all its wonderful diversity and fullness, but also carefully to notice while the smallest details. Thanks to these qualities, learn born under this zodiac sign is simple: flirting with you at the party, Aquarius will sincerely admire your beauty, making you the most enthusiastic compliments. But he's in between compliments and forget to inform that the lipstick color does not suit you, and style of dress would be nice to change. These are all Aquarians, able to combine childlike and whole perception of the world with a cold analytical mind.

Aquarius is a true artist, does not accept patterns and frameworks. He is extravagant, independent and freedom-loving, and make him do something he does not want the impossible. At the same time, defending the right to freedom, he would never go into open conflict: Aquarius very peaceable, and the fight is abhorrent to his nature. If he feels that his "Press", then simply go away neither around, not even he changed his independent nature can not.

Zodiac sign characteristics


In everyday life, independence and unpredictable, creative nature of Aquarius able to give him a lot of trouble. He is incredibly difficult to fit into an established rhythm, work from 9 to 6 and obediently follow the instructions manual. But in those areas where it no one presses and where it can be applied non-standard approach, it really is not there an equal footing.
The main driving force of Aquarius, which leads him through life - curiosity. He is interested in every thing that stopped him accidentally voracious glance - from geopolitics to the problems of child devices airplane or questions of religion.

For Aquarius no "unimportant" topics: every little thing for him - a mystery, and he eagerly pounced on her discoverer. Infiltrating the same in secret, it can dramatically lose interest in it. That's why Aquarians are not only able to quickly light up, but cool rapidly losing interest in a new hobby, work companion.

Aquarius curiosity manifested in all spheres of life. He loves noisy companies and conversations with interesting people, and the breadth and depth of his views are the envy of any philosopher. Not surprisingly, the Aquarius completely devoid of prejudice. He may have a lot of friends, practicing different religions and leading the most different way of life - from the homeless at the station to the famous guru or social lion. At the same time with each of them he manages to communicate in their own language and on an equal footing. However, although Aquarius sincerely believes their friends, real friends he had quite a bit: its activity is directed outwards and not deep.

Born  from February 19 to February 29 is the sign of  Pisces.