Born  from December  1 to December  21  is the sign of  Sagittarius.

Sagittarius - a man-holiday in the best sense of the word. This cheerful Sign almost always in good spirits and ready to cheer up others. With this in noisy companies so easily distinguished from other signs of Sagittarius zodiac circle: Sagittarius usually is in the midst of people, in the heart of the action, and sprinkles jokes without interruption. He has a rare talent to infect everyone around her bright, overflowing emotions, in which he was assisted by his ease, optimism and innate gift of eloquence.

Indeed, Sagittarius is able to talk incessantly, making it the soul of the company at parties, but in everyday life - at work, at home - often tiring others. In addition, talkativeness Archer has another downside: he speaks so much, it's not always have time to think about what was said, because of what is able to blurt out unnecessary or careless word offend his interlocutor.

Zodiac sign characteristics


That is why Sagittarius is often accused of indiscretion, although the case is likely in its lightness, combined with a pathological inability to prevaricate. Sagittarius is sincere, truthful and not stand flattery. Another person with such "inconvenient" for quality life at the right time just keep silent. Sagittarius, unfortunately, can not diplomatically silent.
However, the long offended by careless Sagittarius is simply impossible, because he was so charming and looks like a big baby!

As a child, Sagittarius does not recognize the routine and unable to sit still - it involves novelty, adventure, travel, change places. He is very inquisitive, active, loves animals and is a champion of justice, protection of which is ready to throw with his fists. However, quickly flushing Sagittarius at least quickly moving away and may regret rash actions that done in the heat of an argument.

As a child, Sagittarius surprisingly fearless, as if innate optimism does not allow him to think about the bad. He can drive a car on the overspeed, engage in a dangerous sport, or even choose a profession related to risk.

Born  from  December 22 to December 31 is the sign of Capricorn.