Born  from November  1 to November  22  is the sign of  Scorpio.

Scorpio - a warrior, and he often rushes into battle without even thinking about it to warn others. Those born under this zodiac sign you know as soon as curious by his opinion on any issue. Well, you do like this: in its assessment of Scorpio will be just as ruthless as it is objective and devastatingly logical. Even if up until this point Scorpio cute flirting with you, your innocent question immediately switch it from the sphere of emotions within the scope of the inexorable logic.

You want him to simply supported small talk? To merely agreed that "the weather today is good, is not it?" For him - no, not true. He is ready to review your question and give him a detailed, exhaustive answer, which envied by any forecaster. The thing is that Scorpio does not like empty, meaningless words, and also very truthful and objective assessments.

It is no wonder that others are wary of Scorpio, because it in this way, honestly and truthfully, gives his opinion on any other account. Yes, this view is sometimes able to inspire those who are with him, but sometimes sounds like a death sentence.

Zodiac sign characteristics


And what's with that unpleasant things that Scorpio tells you straight in the eye, correspond to the truth? People do not always want to know the bitter truth - especially in such an open, peremptory manner. That's why there are so few people who belong to the Scorpio quiet. It can adore or hate it with all my heart, but it can not be ignored.

And here is the Scorpio completely indifferent to the opinion of others at their own expense. He is so confident in his abilities that other people's opinions on this issue he is interested enough. He knows what it takes, and the most interesting thing is that this is not an empty delusion. Scorpio really has a huge amount of energy and vitality that allows it to overcome almost any obstacle.

It seems that the margin of safety and strength of will, which has a Scorpio, almost limitless. Any problem, and even the blows of fate only mobilize it, making it even stronger. In this sense, Scorpio - a real fighter. He is absolutely confident in his abilities, used to fight and used to winning. This unshakable confidence extends to all areas of his life, whether it is work, friendship, money or love: by putting a goal, Scorpio knows full well that it will achieve, and no circumstances or fate itself will likely not be able to stop him .

Born  from  November 23  to November  30 is the sign of Saggitarius.