Born  from October 1 to October 23  is the sign of  Libra.

If the sign of the zodiac your new friend - Libra, and it made an impression on you its liveliness, charm and kindness, know that until you got to know him only by half. Character Libra, like real scales, heterogeneous and contradictory. It consists of different poles, replacing each other, depending on the whims of its changeable moods.

Period of rapid activity of Libra, when their energy is literally in full swing, and the work in the hands of the dispute, over time inevitably followed by periods of complete apathy. In those days, the usual things are Libra with incredible difficulty, and they can not go out for days at home and did not even get out of bed. Similarly, in everyday communication behavior of Libra now and then demonstrates a variety of faces. Today, they are with you kind and sweet, and tomorrow can be uncompromising and capricious.

However, the bright extremes in mood are present in the life of the balance is not too often. Much more can be found in the so-called balance oscillating phase, when the arrow of their volatile emotions swinging from side to side like a pendulum, unable to decide. In such a period of uncertainty is reflected in their face, and in their behavior, and in their minds, to the point that Libra becomes extremely difficult to adopt a firm decision.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Solving any question, Libra usually so long weighed all the many "pros" and "cons" that can be reached in his analysis to the atoms and molecules, bringing impatient companion to a white heat, or at all miss the point. However, in such tactics Libra has its advantages: first, the habit of thinking in general can hardly be called bad, and secondly, because of its indecision Libra sometimes miss their chance, but rarely make mistakes.

Libra variability is reflected in their love of criticism and controversy. They feel they are in their native element - in fact in dispute there are two sides, two scales, and which of them will win, not known in advance. That is why Libra happy criticize anything or rush into an argument, masterfully defending their point of view, but in fact it is not too important what position to defend. The discussion itself for them sometimes more interesting result.

All life is woven from Libra shifts of mood and tone, so they are artistic and fine art feel.
Libra Element - Air fickle, and manages the planet Venus, endowing them with sensuality, love of beauty, wit and grace.

Born  from  October 24  to October  31 is the sign of Scorpio.