Born  from Septemder 1 to September 23  is the sign of  Virgo.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo - a very neat. First came to the house where the hostess Virgo, you may be surprised at how sterile cleanliness and order prevail in this modest dwelling.
However, more surprise you that Virgin can neither sit still for a minute idle. Without ceasing to maintain a polite conversation with you, it can at the same time, whisking invisible speck of dust off the shelves, wash the dishes, or even (if you are close friends with her) when you iron linens! However, if you will express her his surprise, she was surprised at the answer: Is it something to do? Establish order in all spheres of life as in her blood that she did not even notice.

But the need to sit in one place, supporting small talk can turn for those born under this zodiac sign in the real torture. Idleness and verbiage knock Virgin out of the rut, and if circumstances force her to go to a party, she will try as soon as possible to leave this uncomfortable concourse, citing urgent business. And in cases of Our hardworking and really a lot.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Who is able to take the most painstaking, responsible work, and even help colleagues deal with their old "blockages"? Who without further ado will come to the rescue, support business or valuable advice, will sit day and night with a sick relative? Of course, only hardworking, compassionate and punctual Virgo.
Although Virgo externally and dispassionate look, she has deep, strong feelings that does not like to flaunt, but which are often "eat" it from the inside. This sense of responsibility for themselves and others, and a sense of duty, and all sorts of feelings about the health of relatives and friends. However, Virgo keeps himself well in hand, and negative emotions never reach the boiling point required in order to result in an ugly scandal. Her style "let off steam" is different: in the home it can grumble and express their dissatisfaction with even the most minor cause, requiring close accuracy, punctuality and cleanliness, although it itself completely intolerant of criticism. Because of this, the outside is not always easy to be with meticulous, demanding to themselves and to other Virgin.

In all areas of their lives - at work, in friendship, in the economy, in love - Virgin has all the same clarity and thoroughness. It considers equally unacceptable breakfast hastily dressed in horrible or start a casual affair. Not only her home, but also clothes, and moral character should shine with cleanliness.

Willingly helping others, she Virgo likes to be obliged to anyone. She is very independent and independent, and these traits are manifested in including in its thrift and the desire to create a reserve for a "rainy day." In order to have a large sum in the account, Virgo can lead almost ascetic life, indulging in small everyday joys and unplanned spending. However, saving every penny for herself, she did not hesitate able to provide generous assistance in distress relative or friend.

Born  from  September  24  to September 30 is the sign of Libra.