Born  from January 1 to January 20 is the sign of Capricorn.

Have you met people who looked outwardly humble and compliant, but when it came down to it, suddenly showed his strong will and indomitable temper? Most likely, it was a Capricorn. It is the sign of the zodiac gives people extraordinary perseverance, persistence but it is not a warrior and diplomat.

Capricorn character and affects its appearance, and his style of life. No wonder that Capricorn looks soft and pliable, because it really no one is going to engage in, or hastily burst forward, pushing opponents elbows. Oh, no, never! Instead, it will gradually move towards its goal, and in this long journey time - his friend, not an enemy. While his colleagues in a hurry and spend forces in the fight, Capricorn calm and confident going forward, and as a result is able to leave far behind its competitors zealous.

Generally these qualities - peace of mind - Capricorn inherent in almost everything. He tries to stay away from conflict and strife, but when it fails, is able to keep his cool and even become an arbitrator.


Zodiac sign characteristics


Practical and conservative nature of Capricorn alien impulsive decisions and unnecessary risk. However, despite the thoughtfulness, called Capricorn indecisive impossible. He is able to quickly take a resolute decision, and has not departed from him, taking full responsibility.

The downside of persistence of Capricorn - it is his great stubbornness. His self-esteem and pride often prevent him to admit defeat in the dispute, and even more so in business. That's why Capricorn until recently able to defend their point of view, without admitting even to himself that wrong.
Capricorns believe ambitious natures, and in many ways this is true. They really believe that life - a movement not only forward but also up and presenting their future, they see themselves standing on a step higher than in the present.

Capricorn in all spheres of life - at work, in finance, in love - is able to set worthy goals and achieve them. He is a very hardworking, able to concentrate and capable of hard work. In addition, he is very good at, and obey, and obey. Not surprisingly, all these qualities usually help him reach the heights to which he strives hard.
Capricorn Earth Element is responsible for the fact that he stood firm on his feet, and his planet Saturn causes it to treat everything very responsibly and seriously.

Confident and hardworking, calm and inflexible, Capricorn has the strength to overcome all obstacles in its path. Slowly, without turning, he rises higher, and eventually is able to reach the highest peaks.

Born  January 21 to January 31 is the sign of Aquarius.