Born  from January 1 to January 20 is the sign of Capricorn.

Have you met people who looked outwardly humble and compliant, but when it came down to it, suddenly showed his strong will and indomitable temper? Most likely, it was a Capricorn. It is the sign of the zodiac gives people extraordinary perseverance, persistence but it is not a warrior and diplomat.

Capricorn character and affects its appearance, and his style of life. No wonder that Capricorn looks soft and pliable, because it really no one is going to engage in, or hastily burst forward, pushing opponents elbows. Oh, no, never! Instead, it will gradually move towards its goal, and in this long journey time - his friend, not an enemy. While his colleagues in a hurry and spend forces in the fight, Capricorn calm and confident going forward, and as a result is able to leave far behind its competitors zealous.

Generally these qualities - peace of mind - Capricorn inherent in almost everything. He tries to stay away from conflict and strife, but when it fails, is able to keep his cool and even become an arbitrator.


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Born from February 1 to February 19 is the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius - a true artist, he is able to not only see the world in all its wonderful diversity and fullness, but also carefully to notice while the smallest details. Thanks to these qualities, learn born under this zodiac sign is simple: flirting with you at the party, Aquarius will sincerely admire your beauty, making you the most enthusiastic compliments. But he's in between compliments and forget to inform that the lipstick color does not suit you, and style of dress would be nice to change. These are all Aquarians, able to combine childlike and whole perception of the world with a cold analytical mind.

Aquarius is a true artist, does not accept patterns and frameworks. He is extravagant, independent and freedom-loving, and make him do something he does not want the impossible. At the same time, defending the right to freedom, he would never go into open conflict: Aquarius very peaceable, and the fight is abhorrent to his nature. If he feels that his "Press", then simply go away neither around, not even he changed his independent nature can not.

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Born from March 1 to March  20  is the sign of Pisces.

Perhaps around the zodiacal circle there is no sign of Pisces mysterious. The depth in which they swim, truly bottomless, and leave little chance of mere mortals they look. Their face may be tranquil and behavior demonstrate daydreaming, indifference and even a certain laziness. Even with good intentions, others are unlikely to bring fish from themselves: no scandals, no charges, no violent scenes are not really able to deprive them of a deep inner peace.

Even life itself, with its eternal problems and bustle unable to make Pisces overcome their blissful balance and rolled up their sleeves and knuckle down to business. On the contrary, they often prefer to rely on fate and, despite the circumstances, continue to go with the flow, feeling in the soul of peace and tranquility.

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Born  from April 1 to April 20  is the sign of  Aries.

Aries - a natural leader, and there's nothing you can do. After the first acquaintance with Aries you can literally feel the skin main feature of this zodiac sign - habitual self-confidence and self-righteous. Even when Aries is silent, in his every gesture read internal hardness and rigidity. And if he speaks ... Believe me, argue with Aries - it is not very promising.

Well, the reason is simple: Aries - the first sign of all the zodiacal circle, symbolizing the origin of life, the beginning of all beginnings. That is why all the astrologers of the world inevitably compared with the nature of the nature of Aries newborn baby. In the first place in the universe stands for Aries "I". The whole world on his firm belief that revolves around it and under it must adapt. Not surprisingly, the Aries can simply ignore others' needs and desires, but so kind to her.

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Born  from May 1 to April 21  is the sign of  Taurus.

Taurus surprisingly stubborn and strong, but, oddly enough, learn born under this zodiac sign is easiest for his invisibility. Among Taurus will stand apart and is likely to do hasten to leave this noisy bunch of uncomfortable. Only close friends where Taurus guarantee complete comfort - both physical and spiritual - it can hold the whole evening, but then talkative or emotional it can not be called. However, for his frugal phrases and slow movements always felt the solidity and hidden power.

"Slowly but surely" - the motto of hard Taurus, which is reflected in all aspects of his life. If Taurus for something or took something firmly convinced to make him retreat impossible. You can assure hours of Taurus that he is wrong, you can yell at him and even stomp - Taurus remain calm, as always, and will not change his point of view. However, it also happens that he - no, does not doubt his innocence - and still loses his temper. Fortunately, such cases are very rare, because usually calm and steady Taurus in his fierce anger really terrible.

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Born  from June 1 to June 21  is the sign of  Gemini.

"One foot here another there" - an expression as if specially created for the restless Gemini, who want to learn so much about life and that is why it can not sit still. Communicating with those born under the sign of the zodiac, you can forget for a while about what can and can not, in general, day or night, - The Twins do not accept the restrictions and conditions, however, not expecting such senseless victims from you.

That is why, if you had waited his new friend the whole evening at the appointed place, and call him know that he has suddenly appeared in another city urgent matters, you can be sure that this zodiac sign your friend - Gemini. Punctuality - not his strong point, too many things, events and people are able to distract him on the way to you.

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Born  from July 1 to July 23  is the sign of  Cancer.

Cancer - the most cautious of all the zodiac signs. The easiest way to distinguish cancer from others, watching as he goes to his goal. The fact that perseverance in his nature combined with caution, because of what cancer is not inclined to retreat, but does not go through. His tactics - ponder, weigh the "pros" and "cons" and wait, choosing a good time. But when that moment comes, cancer is unlikely to miss the chance.

Those born under this zodiac constellation no inherent spontaneous, ill-considered decisions, which is why cancer incidence rarely end in failure. And in this lies the secret of his behavior: It is not so much in love Cancer win, but in those painful experiences that cause him to failure. Being a very sensitive nature, Cancer sensitive about any failure. At such moments he dropped his hands, and he will not soon finds the strength to move on forward. That is why cancer is always so thoughtful and cautious, new failures are not necessary.

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Born  from August 1 to August 23  is the sign of  Leo.

A person born under the zodiac sign of Leo, perfectly able to apply themselves and loves to be the center of attention. The easiest way to find Leo at a party or at social events - it is easy to learn to shine in the eyes of a confident and friendly, even lazy gait.

Home, alone with himself, Leo nobody to show its full regal luster and shine, but because he prefers to spend more time as humans. Looking for a person born under this zodiac sign noble, it seems surprising how much of it from the real Leo: He is proud, stately and well-groomed, and his manners are impeccable. However, on others he looks a little down, but such is his regal nature.

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Born  from Septemder 1 to September 23  is the sign of  Virgo.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo - a very neat. First came to the house where the hostess Virgo, you may be surprised at how sterile cleanliness and order prevail in this modest dwelling.
However, more surprise you that Virgin can neither sit still for a minute idle. Without ceasing to maintain a polite conversation with you, it can at the same time, whisking invisible speck of dust off the shelves, wash the dishes, or even (if you are close friends with her) when you iron linens! However, if you will express her his surprise, she was surprised at the answer: Is it something to do? Establish order in all spheres of life as in her blood that she did not even notice.

But the need to sit in one place, supporting small talk can turn for those born under this zodiac sign in the real torture. Idleness and verbiage knock Virgin out of the rut, and if circumstances force her to go to a party, she will try as soon as possible to leave this uncomfortable concourse, citing urgent business. And in cases of Our hardworking and really a lot.

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Born  from October 1 to October 23  is the sign of  Libra.

If the sign of the zodiac your new friend - Libra, and it made an impression on you its liveliness, charm and kindness, know that until you got to know him only by half. Character Libra, like real scales, heterogeneous and contradictory. It consists of different poles, replacing each other, depending on the whims of its changeable moods.

Period of rapid activity of Libra, when their energy is literally in full swing, and the work in the hands of the dispute, over time inevitably followed by periods of complete apathy. In those days, the usual things are Libra with incredible difficulty, and they can not go out for days at home and did not even get out of bed. Similarly, in everyday communication behavior of Libra now and then demonstrates a variety of faces. Today, they are with you kind and sweet, and tomorrow can be uncompromising and capricious.

However, the bright extremes in mood are present in the life of the balance is not too often. Much more can be found in the so-called balance oscillating phase, when the arrow of their volatile emotions swinging from side to side like a pendulum, unable to decide. In such a period of uncertainty is reflected in their face, and in their behavior, and in their minds, to the point that Libra becomes extremely difficult to adopt a firm decision.

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Born  from November  1 to November  22  is the sign of  Scorpio.

Scorpio - a warrior, and he often rushes into battle without even thinking about it to warn others. Those born under this zodiac sign you know as soon as curious by his opinion on any issue. Well, you do like this: in its assessment of Scorpio will be just as ruthless as it is objective and devastatingly logical. Even if up until this point Scorpio cute flirting with you, your innocent question immediately switch it from the sphere of emotions within the scope of the inexorable logic.

You want him to simply supported small talk? To merely agreed that "the weather today is good, is not it?" For him - no, not true. He is ready to review your question and give him a detailed, exhaustive answer, which envied by any forecaster. The thing is that Scorpio does not like empty, meaningless words, and also very truthful and objective assessments.

It is no wonder that others are wary of Scorpio, because it in this way, honestly and truthfully, gives his opinion on any other account. Yes, this view is sometimes able to inspire those who are with him, but sometimes sounds like a death sentence.

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Born  from December  1 to December  21  is the sign of  Sagittarius.

Sagittarius - a man-holiday in the best sense of the word. This cheerful Sign almost always in good spirits and ready to cheer up others. With this in noisy companies so easily distinguished from other signs of Sagittarius zodiac circle: Sagittarius usually is in the midst of people, in the heart of the action, and sprinkles jokes without interruption. He has a rare talent to infect everyone around her bright, overflowing emotions, in which he was assisted by his ease, optimism and innate gift of eloquence.

Indeed, Sagittarius is able to talk incessantly, making it the soul of the company at parties, but in everyday life - at work, at home - often tiring others. In addition, talkativeness Archer has another downside: he speaks so much, it's not always have time to think about what was said, because of what is able to blurt out unnecessary or careless word offend his interlocutor.

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